AKE DIKHEA? Festival Dinner in cooperation with Raki Prinzip

10 December, 20:00
Sharehaus refugio, Lenaustraße 3-4, 12047 Berlin

We would like to celebrate the end of the festival with a public dinner on the topic #euroma. This year it is important for us to create an evening that goes beyond regular small talk at a closing ceremony.

Originally the Rakı Prinzip was created  as a discussion format against the Stammtisch of easy answers, in response to the rising visibility of right-wing positions in public, the creators were seeking for a new format that could include discussions on societal topics by bringing together people with different backgrounds  on one table for an evening.

Together with the team of Rakı Prinzip we put this format into practive for the AKE DIKHEA? Festival dinner: combining the intimate experience of a dinner with an informal discussion about #euroma. In the setting of the dinner, half public but with a familiar private feel, different people will give short inputs to keep the discussion going.

Our event is open to anyone who doesn’t want to indulge in romantic escapism and fight real-world conflicts only in private backyards. We want to push forward a collective discussion-culture.

But because we are still a film festival, the real highlight of the evening is the award ceremony. The winners of the audience, short and feature film prizes each win a prize.

We will serve different courses prepared and served by Juliane, Milena and Johanna.


Unfortunately, the event is already fully booked, as there are only 40 seats available, so that the intimate setting is maintained.