Panel discussion

Date: 9 Dez 2018 I 15:00
Place: ORi
No fee
Followed by a special screening of PRAHL MENDE – ABOUT US
In English language

In movies, Sinti and Roma are far too often portrayed with antigypsyistic stereotypes, especially the cinematic depiction and narrative of Romnja and Sintizze reproduces prejudices and stereotypes. Therefore, Romnja and Sintizze are not only affected by antigypsyism and a racist perception in film but are also subject to a sexist one. Their own female perspective is under-represented and hindered in equal access to film production resources. We discuss empowerment options, the need for self-representation, and the opportunities for activism.


Tayo Awosusi-Onutor
– singer, writer, director of PHRAL MENDE – ABOUT US, political activist and mother



Photo: Akos Stiller

Dr. Anna Mirga-Kruszelnicka
– anthropologist, Roma activist, Deputy Director of European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture e. V. (ERIAC)





Ursula Schmidt
– filmmaker, video designer for theatre and media pedagogue



Angelica Ström
– pedagogue, Roma rights activist, daughter of Katarina Taikon




Photo: Bozica Babic

Gaby Babić
– film curator, cultural manager and curator of Remake. Frankfurt Women’s Film Days


SUNDAY, 9 December 2018, 15:00 @ORi