By Jason Smith, Lisa Smith, Mike Doxford
U.K. 2018


Original version

(c) David Jones

HOTCHI offers a glimpse into the life of a stranger, to reveal the invisible narrative of a deaf young Romani man Lee. He wears a cochlear implant a type of implanted hearing device that converts sound into electrical signals and earns a living working with his father and brothers buying, sorting and selling scrap metal. HOTCHI is the Romani word for hedgehog in Britain. It captures the essence of the protagonist’s personality: Lee is an introvert at heart but is too often defined by others to have just one “hard” external identity.


Jason and Lisa Smith are British Romani Traveller filmmakers from Worcestershire. Jason has been deaf since birth and wears a Cochlear implant, and is an aspiring writer. Lisa is also a creative writer with an interest in spoken word and developing passion for filmmaking. Both are strong advocates for their community. They are currently developing a second short film working with original home movie footage of Romani life on the road in the early 1990s in rural south Wales from the view point of a 44 year old mother of four.

Director: Mike Doxford
Script: Lisa Smith, Jason Smith
Cinematography: David Jones, Dan Salter
Sound: Elle Smart
Editing: David Jones
Production: Lisa Smith

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