By Benjamin Menekshe
Kosovo 2018


Original version with English subtitles

The short documentary BAJRAKO presents a traditional celebration ceremony with Ottoman roots which is specific for the Roma community in one of the oldest and proudest Roma neighbourhoods in the Balkans – Terzi Mahala  in Prizren, Kosovo. The unique insider perspective of a local teenage film director makes it clear: While the daily life is full of modern hectic, everything stands still at this one day in year when the family bonds and cultural identity play the main role.


Gjynet Kalo & Benjamin Menekshe

Benjamin Menekshe was born in 2001 in Prizren, Kosovo. Since early age, he has been active in the Romani Theatre Prizren in his home city and in the Roma community radio Romano Avazi. Since 2015, he regularly takes part in the international summer film schools Balkan Onions, which enabled him to co-write his first short fiction film TEN YEARS OLDER which was screened at the Cottbus Film Festival in 2015. Currently he visits the secondary school Gjon Buzuku.




Director: Benjamin Menekshe
Cinematography: Benjamin Menekshe, Gjynet Kalo
Editing: Gazmend Bajri, Hakan Karamuco
Sound: Benjamin Menekshe
Production: DokuFest Prizren

MONDAY, 18:00, with Q&A with the director and cinematographer