By Liza Mortimer
U.K.  2018


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Based on the 1969 BBC archive documentary and the family roots of the director’s Great Grandmother Minty Smith, TAKE US AS WE ARE cultivates the spirit of freedom of the Gypsy and Traveller community – a nomadic culture still prevalent as ever. This short film is unapologetic towards its audience, aiming at both Gypsy, Roma, and Travellers; and non-members of the culture. The content of the work is embellished by truth and takes a nomadic form as it forces the public eye to see the presence of Gypsies, Roma, and Travellers in the world. TAKE US AS WE ARE is a thought-provoking piece about family, pride, and identity, a celebration of flare and “Gypsy-suaveness”.


© Dave Wilson Clarke

Liza Mortimer is a Romani Gypsy dance and performance artist currently working in Leicester, UK. Her creative practice is centered around her heritage and culture, where she works with improvisation, gesture, documentation, and archive material. She is also a performer for a physical theatre company, Fuelled Dance Theatre, and has a Degree in Dance and a Master’s in Art from the De Montfort University in Leicester. Within Leicester, she has performed at Attenborough Arts Centre, Sue Townsend Theatre, Haymarket Theatre, and De Montfort University. This year, Liza Mortimer has toured her work in London at Gypsy Roma Traveller events and with Fuelled Dance Theatre across the UK including in Chester, Wolverhampton and Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. TAKE US AS WE ARE is her directorial debut and was commissioned as part of the First Acts series for Channel 4.


Director: Liza Mortimer
Sound: Dave Jones
Music: Dave Jones
Editing: Elle Smart, Dave Jones
Production: Rural Media


SUNDAY, 17:45, with Q&A with the director