By Rich Matthews
U.K. 2017


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Inspired by the groundbreaking BBC radio show The Travelling People from 1964, the Romani writer and filmmaker Damian Le Bas undertakes a journey to revisit the people and places featured on the first – and still one of the very few – radio or TV programmes which explores the lives of British Gypsies and Travellers using the voices of the community itself. His starting point is the question: what’s really changed in the five decades since Gypsies and Travellers spoke out – and sang on the BBC – about the ups and downs of their lives?


Filmmaker, screenwriter, and journalist Rich Matthews has worked in media for 20 years, working with the likes of the BBC, BFI, BAFTA, BT, Sky, Warner Bros, CBS, NBC Universal, News UK, The Independent, and The Telegraph Media Group. He’s done everything from working for celebrity lifestyle magazines to pitching to top Hollywood executives, before joining West Midlands charity Rural Media in 2015, where he now heads the Development Team.


Director: Rich Matthews
Sound: Rosie Shewell
Music: Thomas McCarthy & Charlotte Andrew
Editing: David Jones
Production: Julie Colman, Rural Media Charity


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