By Galya Stoyanova
Hungary 2013


Original version with English subtitles

Through this short film, a Bulgarian Romani woman, Galya Stoyanova, voices her deepest insecurities, fears, and hopes through the powerful, yet, superficial portrayal of how others perceive us, the Roma. In the end, the self-acceptance of culture, diversity and of the one thing we are not able to change – our origin – prevails.



Galya Stoyanova is a photographer, aspiring documentary film director, and member of the International Romani Film Commission. She completed a 6-month training internship in 2012 at the Romedia Foundation in Budapest, where she developed her first short documentary PAGES OF MY BOOK. She worked at the Romedia Foundation as an assistant director in several feature length documentaries, including the 3 BROTHERS. She actively participated in the implementation of different projects, such as documentaries and social empowerment campaigns, as well as the first and third edition of the BUVERO Romani women summer camp, which focuses on gender-based issues. Furthermore, Galya Stoyanova is a lawyer with a Master’s degree in National security and a Master’s of Law from the University Of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. After her graduation, she continued her work as an intern at the European Commission in Brussels. She has relevant experience in the international Romani movement with strong interest in women’s rights, poverty, LGBTQ rights, and minority rights.


Director: Galya Stoyanova
Cinematography: Miklós Barna, Galya Stoyanova
Editing: Galya Stoyanova, Eszter Kovács, Miklós Barna
Production: Elmér Sánta, Baxt Films


SUNDAY, 17:45, with Q&A with the director