The programme for the third edition of the AKE DIKHEA? Festival of Romani film is out!

The third edition of the Roma film festival AKE DIKHEA? starts on 5 December 2019 with voices from survivors of the still little known genocide of European Roma and Sinti. With an awareness of the cruel past, glimpses into the future are also possible: with young and progressive perspectives, which also play an important role at this year's AKE DIKHEA?

From 5 to 9 December 2019, a total of 15 films, including short films, documentaries and feature films, will be screened as part of the third festival edition. AKE DIKHEA? – DO YOU SEE?  will take place under the patronage of Dr. Klaus Lederer, Senator for Culture and Europe, at the Moviemento cinema.

JURY 2019

The festival jury is an international board made up of film and media professionals with and without Romani origin. The members change every year. Their task is to decide on the official selection of the film festival as well as on the awards given to the best films. In 2019, the jury members are the following experts:

László Farkas

Gilda-Nancy Horvath

Zharko Ivanov

Lea Wohl von Haselberg

AKE DIKHEA? goes DUKA Film Festival!

The DUKA Filmfestival takes place for the first time from 19th – 22nd September 2019 at the magnificent Schönow Castle, in the Uckermark between beeches and linden trees. It shows a selection of films from various Berlin festivals and international filmmakers – among others a selection of AKE DIKHEA? Romani Film Festival!

And this is our selection for this unique film festival:

Friday, 20th September, 8pm @Schlossgarten
By Hamze Bytyçi
Czech Republic/Germany, 2016 / 26′

By Rich Matthews
U.K., 2017 / 33′

Saturday, 21st September, 8pm @Ballsaal

By Lawen Mohtadi & Gellert Tamas
Sweden, 2015 / 97′

Sunday, 22nd September, 2pm @Ballhaus
Hristo Simeonov
Bulgaria, 2016 / 29′


The Festival of Romani Film AKE DIKHEA? has been nominated for the German Engagement Award 2019! From 12th September to 24th October, you can support the festival in the online voting. The German Engagement Award is the main award for civic involvement in Germany. The aim is to support the cultur of acknowledgement and to motivate more people for civic engagement.

The initiator and organizer of the award is the Alliance For Non-Profit Engagement / Bündnis für Gemeinnützigkeit and it's funded by the Family Affairs , Senior Citizens , Women and Youth, by the German TV lottery and the German Railways Foundation.


To all Roma, Sinti, Kale, Kalderash, Lovara, Lalleri, Ursari, Beasch, Manouches, Askali, Aurari, Romanichals, Droma, Doma, Gypsies, Travellers and all the other Romani groups of the world…

We are looking for films with which members of different Romani groups can identify to. People with a Romani background or self-organizations can propose films by Roma and non-Roma filmmakers whose themes concern the lives of Romani people in the world and critically reflect upon the reality of discrimination.


Possibilities of film registration:



Deadline for submission of proposals:

Sunday, 15th September 2019

AKE DIKHEA? goes in the third round!

After the successful two years 2017 and 2018, AKE DIKHEA? Festival of Romani Film goes in the third round! Also this year, it stands for self-determination, for refreshing insider points of view of the biggest minority in Europe and of course for good films! Further information about this year's jury members, about the films you can look forward to and about the whole program will be published soon!

We are looking forward to you - when it's times again to call:

5th - 9th December 2019
Moviemento, Berlin-Kreuzberg



On 10 December 2018, the Roma-Film festival AKE DIKHEA? (Romanes - which translates to English as “Do you see?”) concluded with a dinner. With the presence of 40 festival guests, important figures of politics and culture in Berlin, along with the festival team, three films were awarded:

The prize for Best Film went to GHETTO BALBOA and the director Árpád Bogdán. The empowering documentary film captures the rise and tough journey of boxer Zoltán Szabó from living in a Roma-Ghetto in Budapest to becoming a professional boxer.  The Best Short Film award was given to the Bulgarian film THE SON and director Hristo Simeonov, with the award being accepted by main actor Borislav Rusev. The Public Choice Award was given to TAIKON, a documentary film about Roma activist and writer Katarina Taikon, with the award being accepted by director Gellert Tamas.

Árpád Bogdán commented on the Festival Jury’s decision: „I hope the film will motivate even more young Roma to stubbornly pursue their dreams  and become professionals in various fields - whether as athletes, filmmakers, or teachers.”


Damian Le Bas
(30 January 1963–9 December 2017)

Especially today, on 9 December, we miss our friend, the creator of our beautiful eye logo and a beautiful soul: The British-Romani artist Damian Le Bas whom we used to call The President, president of GYPSYLAND EUROPA.

“Gypsyland Europa is my dream, just like Martin Luther King’s dream. My maps are a subversive imaginary conquest, a Roma resistance against racism and right wing propaganda. I cannot read and write very well so my art is my voice and weapon for my Roma resistance.”                                        

Damian Le Bas

Damian Le Bas was born in Sheffield U.K. in 1963. He studied at the Royal College of Art London 1985–1987. He was one of the sixteen artists who were part of Paradise Lost, the first Roma pavilion at Venice Biennale 2007. Together with his wife, the artist Delaine Le Bas, they created Safe European Home?. Gypsy Revolution and Gypsy DaDa were also two other artistic creations initiated by Damian Le Bas. His works have been exhibited internationally since the late 1980’s. Damian was the initiator of COME OUT NOW! 1st Roma Biennale.

Damian has gone way too early on 9 December 2017 – exactly a year ago. We still can’t believe he isn’t with us anymore. This drawing by him reminds us of the beautiful time we spent with him during his visit of the 1st edition of AKE DIKHEA? Festival of Romani Film in October 2017 and gives us power to continue what we have started together: JELL ON, PHRALLAS AND PHENS! GO ON, BROTHERS AND SISTERS!